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Connect is your chance to gain greater ground on even the toughest e-commerce competition. Be inspired by peers, get up close and personal with industry leaders, and discover solutions to take your business to the next level of growth. With hands-on training and a wealth of proven best practices, you’re bound to be inspired.

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Connect Speakers

  • David Spitz
    CEO, ChannelAdvisor

    When you need to know what’s really happening across the e-commerce landscape, it’s time to hear from David Spitz. Widely recognized as an authority on the latest industry trends, ChannelAdvisor’s CEO is guaranteed to deliver a Connect keynote to remember.

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    David Spitz

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As a ChannelAdvisor customer, you already have a serious edge on the e-commerce competition. But until your account is fully optimised, you could be leaving money on the table. That’s what Connect is for. Come get connected to the partners, peers and practices guaranteed to propel your business forward with next-level marketing, selling and fulfilling.

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