Wednesday, October 7th

Keynote: The State of E-Commerce

Run time: 77 minutes Every year Connect attendees look forward to ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz’s analysis of the current state of e-commerce. You won’t want to miss this e-commerce deep dive with colorful and insightful commentary. This year David's keynote features four fireside chats with ASICS, PepsiCo, eBay and Walmart. Be sure to check out this interactive keynote that integrates stories from these leaders in e-commerce.

David Spitz, CEO, ChannelAdvisor

Sean Condon, Senior Director, Direct to Consumer, eCommerce & Retail Stores, ASICS America

Robert Cassidy, VP/Head of eCommerce Strategic Capabilities and Direct Businesses, PepsiCo

Jordan Sweetnam, SVP and GM, North America Market, eBay

Jeff Clementz, VP, GM Marketplaces & Commerce Platforms, Walmart

The Jason & Scot Show LIVE: Brands Going Direct — A Story of the Past, Present and Future

Run time: 60 minutes The route to the consumer was traditionally a linear path from brand to retailer to customer. But digital has disrupted everything. Brands have started going direct to the consumer, and in return, retailers are positioning themselves as brands. The result is the lines between brand and retailer are blurred. In this session, Jason and Scot will take a look at the evolution of brands going direct, through to what the future of D2C could look like. Live session followed by interactive Q&A.

Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor Co-Founder, Spiffy CEO

Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer, Publicis Communications

Help Drive Your Sales and Grow Your Business with Amazon Performance Advertising

Run time: 25 minutes This session provides advertisers with the guidance on how to drive short-term and long-term sales by using Amazon Advertising performance advertising solutions. It will highlight best practices across sponsored ads and programmatic display, as well as the tools and controls available to optimize your campaigns.

Sonya Hober, Senior Partner Manager, Global Advertising Partner Development, Amazon Advertising

I have a order, Now What…

Run time: 26 minutes Hear from our preferred shipping partner, ShipStation, about how to ace the fulfillment process. They will be covering why the shipping process is important and best practices to achieve success this holiday season. With 80% of customers saying the shipping experience is what stands out most when shopping online, you won’t want to miss this session.

Cody DeArmond, Director of Sales, ShipStation

Brand Roadmap for E-Commerce Success

Run time: 40 minutes It’s an ever-evolving world for brands navigating the world of e-commerce. In this session we’ll cover important topics for brands including analytics, D2C shoppable media and more.

Mike Shapaker, CMO, ChannelAdvisor

Vladi Shlesman, Managing Director EMEA, ChannelAdvisor

Rebekah Darsch, Marketplace Manager, ASICS America

Kyle Boucher, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, ASICS America

Santiago Arteaga, Director, Product Manager - Global Marketplaces Commerce, VF Corporation

The Pursuit of One-Handed Commerce

Run time: 40 minutes Are you set up to position your marketing around the key trends that are impacting today’s e-commerce landscape? In this session learn how to identify and reach consumers at the right point in their buying journey and move beyond your website to diversify and grow sales.

Link Walls

Link Walls, VP Digital Marketing Strategy, ChannelAdvisor

Key Product Metrics to Monitor as a Brand

Run time: 18 minutes Do you have a process to monitor and analyze key metrics of your products and brands? In this session we’ll discuss the insights you can gain through a deeper understanding of the analytics behind your brand’s online presence.

Kevin Cohen, Director of Brand Analytics, ChannelAdvisor

Expanding Your Business at Scale

Run time: 33 minutes To compete in e-commerce, brands and retailers must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tactics. Brands won't want to miss this session as we focus on the latest practices in automation, pricing, advertising, dropship, fulfillment, and more.

Alison Held, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Data: The Foundation of E-Commerce Success

Run time: 32 minutes Managing product content is often one of the biggest barriers that brands and retailers face. In this session, we'll focus on how product data can be used to help brands and retailers make smarter decisions to help drive sales on marketplaces and improve advertising efficiency.

Izabela Catiru, Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Fashion Focused Marketplaces

Run time: 25 minutes Learn how fashion brands and retailers are thriving by selling on these fashion focused marketplaces.

Lauren Hérouard, Client Services Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Stephanie Ellison, Account Services Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Finding Success on Walmart

Run time: 20 minutes Walmart is one of the largest marketplaces in the US. Are you reaching the millions of buyers shopping there? In this session learn how you can tap into this marketplace.

Ben Hedrick, Client Services Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Morgan Zink, Client Strategy Manager, Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

Opportunities and Challenges for Cross-border E-Commerce During and After COVID-19 (Session will be presented in Mandarin)

Run time: 27 minutes 新冠疫情对于电子商务的影响已经显而易见。在疫情渐渐开始控制之后,电商行业将会有哪些改变,与此同时,这将为中国的跨境电商卖家带来更大的的机遇和更多的挑战。
The impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce is quite obvious. What changes will take place in the e-commerce industry after the epidemic gradually begins to be controlled? In a meantime, it will bring greater opportunities and more challenges to cross-border e-commerce sellers in Greater China.

Jing Xu, Account Executive, ChannelAdvisor

10 Holiday Tips for E-Commerce

Run time: 27 minutes With peak season just around the corner, brands and retailers are making final preparations to make this holiday season a success. In this session, we'll cover 10 e-commerce tips to help you get ready for the holidays. From inventory planning to pricing, Google to Amazon, this session will give practical take-aways to make an impact on your holiday campaigns. 

Clay Roop, Manager, Client Services, ChannelAdvisor

Katie Burr, Senior Client Strategy Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Why Sell Refurbished? Opportunities for Brands

Run time: 17 minutes Selling refurbished is an unique opportunity for brands to maximize their earnings potential, attract new customers and enhance their image. In this presentation, I will share some success stories  as well as more insights on Back Market and our mission to minimize e-waste.

Global Lead: Strategic Brands & Retailers at BackMarket

Thursday, October 8th

All sessions are available to view on-demand for Connect registrants.

Retail Diplomacy — Balancing D2C and Retail Channels

Run time: 53 minutes In this session, you will learn tactics to manage channel conflict and strengthen retail partnerships when selling direct. Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Joe Williams, Senior Manager, Brand Solutions, ChannelAdvisor

Irina Musteata, Account Management Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Vini Ratnamaheson, Senior Account Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Acquiring Customers for your E-Commerce Website

Run time: 59 minutesAttracting customers to your website while maintaining a sufficient ROI can be challenging. In this session we will discuss strategies for building demand for your business. Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Michael Schwartz, Senior Client Strategy Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Dorian Densing, Manager, Digital Marketing EMEA, ChannelAdvisor

Product Keynote: Innovation to Drive E-Commerce Excellence for the Consumer Journey

Run time: 29 minutesCome learn about recent and upcoming capabilities in the ChannelAdvisor Platform that are essential to operational success across your e-commerce channel ecosystem. Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Steve Frechette

Steve Frechette, VP Product Management, ChannelAdvisor

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About ChannelAdvisor

Run time: 36 minutesThe ChannelAdvisor product team has been busy over the last year! Join us to learn about all the new updates in the platform that help brands and retailers get back time and save money. This is a great session for beginners and advanced users to ensure that you are getting the most out of ChannelAdvisor! Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Michelle Hood, Senior Product Owner, ChannelAdvisor

Brent Kepler, Product Owner, ChannelAdvisor

Growing Your Brand on Amazon

Run time: 50 minutesSuccess on Amazon is more than just having a product for sale. Learn the latest strategies, tips and tricks for optimizing your brand's Amazon presence and growing sales. Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Brittany D. Smith, Product Owner, ChannelAdvisor

Clay Roop, Client Services Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Elizabeth Henderson, Product Owner, ChannelAdvisor

Shoppable Media : How Dynamic Shopping Links Help Brands Drive More Conversions

Run time: 21 minutesAs a brand, your advertising and social media campaigns can do more! Learn how to think "e-commerce first" and drive sales conversions with your retail channel partners along with enhancing your brand. Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Josh Jamieson, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Transforming Your Data With Business Rules: How to Get Started

Run time: 33 minutesUnderstanding and leveraging business rules can help you customize, transform and optimize your data. This session will uncover the essential business rules to help save time and power your listings. It will highlight best practices for getting started with these powerful tools – including commonly used functions and tips to save you time. Session followed by interactive Q&A.

Ali Zelmat, Director, Global Support, ChannelAdvisor

Alison Held, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor