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ChannelAdvisor Connect, an exclusive, live, global gathering of forward-thinking e-commerce and marketing professionals, returns as a fully virtual event on September 14-15, 2021. Leading brands and retailers will have the unique opportunity to hear a wealth of e-commerce insights, digital strategies and dynamic perspectives to help boost growth and strengthen their share of the digital shelf.

During this annual event, sessions will focus on proven best practices, industry insights and new solutions to help you navigate the post-pandemic era and thrive in an ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Take inspiration from informative sessions highlighting the latest in digital transformation, global marketplaces, emerging channels, the consumer journey and diverse strategies to succeed in the new world of retail.

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12hours of content

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ChannelAdvisor Connect links top e-commerce experts, industry excellence and technology innovation to you, your current goals and your path into the future.

Connect to Expertise
Hear from forward-thinking leaders how brands and retailers reached consumers, grew their brands and steered their enterprises through the pandemic. Each Connect speaker brings a significant depth of experience and a unique point of view to the topics discussed.

Connect to Excellence
The content throughout ChannelAdvisor Connect is carefully curated to bring you exclusive, cutting-edge ideas and guidance, filled with actionable steps and techniques. From marketplaces to digital marketing, advertising to fulfillment and more, you’ll learn about winning strategies to energize your business.

Connect to Innovation
We know that things change quickly in our industry — but the extreme pace of innovation and adaptation within e-commerce over the last couple of years has been unprecedented. In the wake of the pandemic, as our industry emerges into a new future, it’s critical to stay ahead of technology innovation and future-proof digital strategies.


Day 1 - Tuesday, September 14th

10:00-11:15 AM EST / 03:00-04:15 PM BST

Connect Keynote by ChannelAdvisor

David Spitz

Presented by David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor, CEO

Special Guest Gopal Pillai, VP, Amazon Distribution & Fulfillment Solutions (ADFS)

Special Guest Stacey Renfro, CEO, mDesign Home Décor

Special Guest Jeff Clementz, SVP, GM Marketplace and Partner Operations, Walmart

Every year Connect attendees look forward to ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz’s analysis of the current state of e-commerce. You won’t want to miss this deep dive with colorful and insightful commentary.

11:15 AM-12:00 PM EST / 04:15-05:00 PM BST

ChannelAdvisor Product Keynote

Steve Frechette

Presented by Steve Frechette, VP, Product Management

Come learn about recent and upcoming capabilities in the ChannelAdvisor Platform that are essential to operational success across your e-commerce channel ecosystem. Session followed by interactive Q&A.





12:00-12:30 PM EST / 05:00-05:30 PM BST


Foundation for Success: The Importance of Quality Product Data

Presented by Izabela Catiru, Digital Marketing Team Lead, ChannelAdvisor

The quality of your product data is a key influencer of your e-commerce advertising performance but it is often overlooked. Investing in healthy, quality product data is utterly vital to succeed in a highly competitive space. Gain strategies to preserve and cultivate clean data that will connect you to channels, consumers and greater profit as your business grows.

12:00-12:30 PM EST / 05:00-05:30 PM BST


Introducing ChannelAdvisor Commerce Network: A New Connection Portal for Marketplaces and Brands

Presented by Audrey Houghton, Strategic Partnership Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Presented by Liz Goodwin, UX/UI Designer, ChannelAdvisor

Take a closer look at the new ChannelAdvisor Commerce Network to more deeply understand how it helps sellers discover details about new channels, allows sellers to attract new channels to learn about their business, and allows both sellers and channels to connect with each other and communicate directly. Learn how the portal operates, how ChannelAdvisor customers can use it, what benefits it offers, and more.

12:30-1:00 PM EST / 05:30-06:00 PM BST


Expanding Your E-Commerce Footprint Through New Sales Channels

Presented by Derek Conlin, Senior Director, Global Business and Corporate Development, ChannelAdvisor

Presented by Michele Maginty, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

You’re ready to expand — but what channels would be the best choice to invest in first? Find out how to use benchmarking and marketplace category data to determine your optimal sales channels for growth. Learn about emerging marketplaces and exciting new options for both first-party and third-party sellers.

12:30-01:00 PM EST / 05:30-06:00 PM BST


Optimization Tips from the Experts: ChannelAdvisor CSMs Share Their Platform Secrets

Presented by Lauren Herouard, Senior Manager, Client Services, ChannelAdvisor

In the current digital environment, details can mean the difference between being present and being seen — and can play a significant role in increasing consumer confidence in your brand and product. Join this discussion for practical tips on optimizing your content to boost your visibility and appeal to potential buyers.

Day 2 - Wednesday, September 15th

10:00-10:30AM EST / 03:00-03:30 PM BST

The Humanity of Consumer Connection: Optimising Digital Dialogue

Ken Hughes, Leading Shopper & Consumer Behaviouralist, CX Strategist and International Keynote Speaker

Digital Transformation is not just about the technology, the back-end, or the platforms or channels. The true power of transformation is in the changing nature of consumer expectation and how we stay relevant in our connections. Here we will explore the values of the new modern consumer to ensure we resonate with them, regardless of the platform. Connection is about making them feel something. Digital is who they are, not how they buy.





10:30-11:15 AM EST / 03:30-04:15 PM BST


From First Click to Last Mile: How to Successfully Manage the Entire Consumer Journey

Presented by Alison Held, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Presented by Michele Maginty, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

The buyer’s journey has undergone a significant transformation in the past year. Walk through the complex purchase pathways consumers engage in and the critical touchpoints with sellers they encounter along the way.

10:30-11:15 AM EST / 03:30-04:15 PM BST


An Honest Conversation About Social Commerce

Sebastien Dubuisson, Strategic Partner Manager, Commerce Partnerships, Facebook

Akaash Bhalla, Marketing Product Partnerships Manager, Facebook

Adisha Verma, Product Partnerships Manager, Facebook

Melena Kiriaki, Account Manager, Facebook

SangHa Park, Partnerships Manager, Pinterest

11:15 AM-12:00 PM EST / 04:15-05:00 PM BST


Best Practices for Brands: Collaborating With Your Retail Network to Grow Online Sales

Presented by Kevin Cohen, Director, Brand Analytics, ChannelAdvisor

Presented by Josh Jamieson, Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

If you’re a brand searching for tips to improve relationships with your retailers and with consumers in the modern landscape, this session is for you. The techniques outlined will discuss practical ways to incorporate a synergistic approach in your ongoing effort to build a powerful network that effectively reaches buyers and conveys brand messaging.

11:15-12:00 PM EST / 04:15-05:00 PM BST


The Rise of Retail Media: Why Improving Product Visibility is Critical for Successful Selling

Presented by Link Walls, Vice President, Digital Marketing Strategy, ChannelAdvisor

The digital shelf is more crowded than ever. Join this session to learn more about the role of retail media in opportunities to boost visibility on marketplaces and a growing number of retail sites.

12:00-12:30 PM EST / 05:00-05:30 PM BST


International Marketplace Selling 2021 and Beyond: What Happened in 2021 that affects you this year and beyond?

Presented by Krishna Iyer, Head of Industry Relations and Strategic Partnerships, ShipStation

During this session, we'll discuss Brexit, USMCA changes (formerly NAFTA) and new IOSS for VAT Payment.

12:00-12:45 PM EST / 05:00-05:45 PM BST


All About Amazon: The Latest Trends and Strategies

Presented by Alison Held, Senior Product Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Presented by Waed Ramadan, Team Lead, Client Strategy, ChannelAdvisor

Navigating the Amazon ecosystem can be overwhelming. From product listings, ad types, fulfillment options and more, optimizing your presence to command visibility among shoppers, make sales and satisfy customers can involve complex decisions. Listen in and discover new strategies you can implement to grow on Amazon.

12:30-1:00 PM EST / 5:30-6:00 PM BST


Consumer-Centric Strategies for a Successful Q4

Presented by Greg Ives, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Presented by Bradley Hearn, Product Marketing Manager, ChannelAdvisor

With online shopping during the holidays surging in popularity, understanding the latest in the buyer’s journey is more critical than ever to capturing sales. Learn how to structure your Q4 strategies in marketplaces, digital marketing, fulfillment and more to cut through the digital noise, engage consumers and sell your products.