About Connect

ChannelAdvisor Connect is an exclusive global event for forward-thinking e‑commerce and marketing professionals. Leading brands and retailers attending Connect will have the unique opportunity to learn industry best practices and discover solutions to take their business to the next level.

This year’s event is going virtual, and it’s going to be packed with the insights you need to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Live and on‑demand online sessions will give you new perspectives on the latest trends and equip you with the tools to transform your digital strategy. With insightful product sessions and a wealth of proven best practices, you’re bound to be inspired.

Why Attend?

Learn about the latest e‑commerce trends and best practices through keynote and product sessions, 1:1 Ask The Expert meetings and partner networking.

Connect with Great Content

Sessions at Connect are curated based on specific e‑commerce topics and are designed to provide actionable steps for retailers and brands.

Connect with ChannelAdvisor

1:1 Ask the Expert meetings give customers the ability to talk through any challenge or opportunity with seasoned ChannelAdvisor experts.

Connect with Partners

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new and established marketplaces, evaluate fulfillment partners and discover how the ChannelAdvisor partner ecosystem can help improve their business.

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Connect 2020 Highlights

Keynote: The State of E‑Commerce

Every year Connect attendees look forward to ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz’s analysis of the current state of e-commerce with colorful and insightful commentary. This year David's keynote featured four fireside chats with ASICS, PepsiCo, eBay and Walmart.

Keynote: Brands Going Direct — A Story of the Past, Present and Future

The route to the consumer was traditionally a linear path from brand to retailer to customer. But digital has disrupted everything. Brands have started going direct to the consumer, and in return, retailers are positioning themselves as brands. The result is the lines between brand and retailer are blurred.

Product Keynote: Innovation to Drive E-Commerce Excellence for the Consumer Journey

The latest and upcoming capabilities in the ChannelAdvisor Platform that are essential to operational success across your e-commerce channel ecosystem.

Speakers included

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